So the best high school player to come out of the state of South Carolina since Jadeveon Clowney (ever heard of him) just announced that he has narrowed his decision down to two schools: South Carolina and that upstate school (Clemson). Clowney faced this exact same decision back in 2011 and decided to go with the Gamecocks over Clemson. Jadeveon finishing as a Heisman finalist, being drafted #1 overall, going down as a USC legend, and his $22.272 million rookie contract probably backs up that his decision was the right one. So Xavier, I know you’re an avid reader of 811 Sports so I’ve made you a little Pros and Cons list to help with your decision:

Pros of USC

  • Not Clemson

Cons of USC

  • Too many fun bars and too many attractive women

Pros of Clemson

  • Cows (the bitches and the animals)

Cons of Clemson

  • It’s Clemson

So Xavier, the choice is yours. I have faith you’ll make the right one.