The usually upstanding Louisville athletics program is being *stripped* of their role as the moral compass of the NCAA. It has been confirmed that Louisville purchased secret information about the Wake Forest football team, from Wake Forest radio broadcaster, Tommy Elrod. After a deeper investigation by Wake Forest it was determined that Elrod has been selling information to opposing teams since 2014. Elrod, a former player and coach at Wake Forest, has since been fired.

After their game against Louisville this season, Wake Forest accused Louisville of stealing their plays. The always subtle Bobby Petrino left fucking flyers with the stolen Louisville plays all over the WAKE FOREST VISITORS LOCKER ROOM. This story is really all over the place so I’ve decided to lay out the most embarrassing parts of this story for the Louisville football program:

  1. The fact that the team with the Heisman winning quarterback had to steal plays from Wake Forest, who if it wasn’t for gambling I wouldn’t even know had a football team, is BY FAR the most embarrassing thing about this
  2. Leaving the stolen plays in a locker room at Wake Forest is just an appalling move, basically asking to get caught
  3. Petrino stealing plays from Wake Forest is such a weak scandal compared to strippers in the locker room. Ole Dick Pitino is still the big dog round those parts


Better luck next year Bobby.