Today is one of the saddest days of the year. The day after the National Championship is a somber realization of how long the wait is until next August when the college football season kicks off with Nebraska/Northwestern- live from IRELAND. That is so weird to say but I guess I’m here for it. Despite the sadness of the season coming to an end… last night was AWESOME. I sent out a tweet about it last night but I really am happy and proud of how the season ended. Being able to end the season on a nearly flawless handicap and cashing big for myself, and you guys, is such an incredible feeling.

This was by no means the perfect season I had hoped for. After a nearly flawless, season of a lifetime in 2020, the bar was set very high coming into 2021. The season started fine and then around Weeks 3-4 I fell into a rut… and a rut can be really hard to get out of in this game. It’s what separates the pros from the joes and determines whether you can make money in this thing long-term. The best handicappers in the world are losing 40-45% of the time and that’s always important to remember. I really was just having a lot of things not break my way and with the variance in sports betting that’s always going to happen. I was also letting some issues in my personal life interfere with my mental headspace that definitely had some effect on my handicapping ability.

I ended up making some changes to my handicapping approach midway through the season and a lot of that involved making some changes in my personal life to clear up my headspace and it had a clear positive effect. I do want to thank you, the person reading this, because despite a few really bad weeks of capping, 98% of the feedback I got online was positive and multiple people reached out in DMs to share some nice words. The mental part of this game is something I am going to try to write more about going forward because the stress of putting your own money on the line (which I always do) is hard enough, let alone having potentially hundreds of people tailing with their own hard-earned money. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly and it’s part of the reason I give all my picks out for free. I know how hard this grind is and there are so many mental ups and downs I don’t want to bring any extra stress into it for followers or myself by having side money on the line. It’ll be part of my goal heading into next year to make sure people not only make money but can learn more about the mental health side of this crazy thing we do.

Enough with the sappy shit… it’s time for the final numbers recap: like I said, the season was not exactly what I’d hoped for but a strong final couple of weeks and a strong bowl season, topped off with a huge night in the Natty puts our season total at a pretty nice number.

2021-22 CFB FINAL YEAR-END TOTAL: 171-144-6 (54.3%) +16.43u

Over 300 bets in just a little over four months is kind of insane but it got us to a good number and I hope anyone who struggled with me mid-season stuck with it and came out with some money made this fall. In terms of my plans going forward, I plan on having previews for the NFL Playoffs the rest of the way and it’s also the time of year I play catch-up so I can start capping some college hoops in time to be in a rhythm for March (I am not anywhere near a college hoops expert and don’t expect blind tailing like in football, although I have had good success from just watching games and reading the market). I also plan on just writing more content about the betting industry, funny sports stories, and really anything I find interesting. I know some of you probably only come here for picks and get out once you see them but I hope some people find what I have to say interesting and will tune in to support that as well. I just want to thank everyone again for any support whether that’s sending kind words in DMs/replies, liking/RTing content (that means more than people could ever know), or simply clicking and reading blogs. I hope to make 2022 my best year yet.

BONUS: for people that made it this far… my first bet of the 2022 season:

Go Bucks.