Happy Opening Day 2022! God is attempting to ruin one of the most patriotic days of the year in this great country (and Toronto) but however much baseball we get, I will be eternally grateful for. It has been three long days since March Madness ended and I am personally losing my mind. This day starts a 7-month long betting journey that can drive even the sanest man into the looney bin. It also brings with it the start of spring which means warm weather, hot dogs, and beer.

This is also a big Opening Day for me as it will be my first season as a Mets season ticket holder (although I have to wait a week for the Mets home opener). For some teams, the World Series is a very realistic goal. For some, a playoff push is all the fans ask for. For some (Pirates and Orioles fans), it is another year in the basement.

But today…

Today, anything is possible. Hope springs eternal. Everyone is 0-0 and everyone is capable of doing the impossible, winning the 2022 World Series title. It is truly the most magical day of the year across America. Everyone believes that THEIR TEAM could be the Cinderella that shocks the world or that their team is the powerhouse that will steamroll the rest of the league. Anything is possible.

For the Mets, it is not the Opening Day we were hoping for. We went from having the best 1-2 starting pitching duo in baseball to starting Tylor Megill on Opening Day. But have no fear. Today, anything is possible. Tylor Megill could be kicking off his own Cy Young run from nowhere. Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom WILL return and the Mets will be contenders when they do. Today is a day for hope, not pessimism.

Whether you are a fan that watches your team play all 162 games, a casual baseball fan, or someone who thinks it is the most boring sport ever created, I hope you feel the optimism radiating across America today. For Mets fans, #BelieveInMegill. Don’t be afraid to use that last skip you’ve been saving in your class, to take off from work early because of a “stomach bug,” and to sit on the couch with a hot dog and a beer and enjoy your one day of true, unimpeachable hope.

So enjoy Sons and Daughters of Spring. May your hope shine as long as your team allows it. And as always, #LFGM.

Additionally, I will be blogging my best bets in the MLB every single day here at BlakeyLocks.com. Here are my best bets for Opening Day:

Brewers (F5) -0.5 (-129)

Cleveland ML (-115)

NYM (F5) ML (-125)

Reds ML (+180) (duh)

Astros ML (+115)

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