The best week of the summer is here. Football season is almost upon us.

It has been 172 days since (formerly) my Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide to make me the king of college football. Since the day after the 2020-21 National Championship game I tried to tell everyone on the planet how it was going to be Georgia’s year and I had the 10/1 ticket to prove it.

We are now only 57 days away from Week Zero of the 2022 season. It is time for the serious prep to get underway. Any real prepper like myself has been scouring college football information and futures prices since the day after the Natty. Those that tuned into my first blog post-Natty, saw that I was backing the Buckeyes to win it all this year at 8/1. Here is what’s happened since…

Pretty nice.

But with only 57 days until Week Zero and 4th of July weekend upon us… now is the perfect time to lock in. Those that have been around for multiple football seasons know I go to #CasaPrep every year for a few days before football season. The goal is to mix the perfect combination of seafood, alcohol, and college football magazines in order to have the best possible week of #prep.

Casa Prep 2020 and 2021 in Florida were fantastic but Casa Prep 2022 is being moved to Cape Cod. I am heading out today as you are reading this to settle in to a lovely home on the Cape for the next five days as I full immerse myself into the CFB world. Both my Phil Steele and Athlon magazines arrived in the past week and I am ready to take notes all over those pages.

Why is #Prep Important?

Some of you may be asking, “what is the point of all of this prep?” My answer is, a lot of college football “experts” are really bad. They are either entertainers with no info or people that think they are smarter than they really are that end up leading you down the wrong path. What is beautiful about college football magazines is that they are one of the last bastions of pure information. Of course they have their “projected rankings” for each division, conference etc. but I ignore 90% of that when doing magazine prep.

The magazine is designed to learn as much as you can about each player on each team and see who has the most returning starters, particularly on the OL, at QB, and on defense. It is also the perfect time to start looking through the schedule for each team to circle key games you think they have an edge or major deficit in. As you go you are subconsciously deciding which teams you like and dislike then when you compare them to the actual win total numbers, you have a better idea of whether you want to bet those or not.

Not Just Futures

#Prep is not done just to compile a futures portfolio. Of course I will have a preliminary portfolio after this weekend (I already have a list of some instinctual ideas) but I don’t throw away the magazines and notes when Week Zero kicks off. I have matchups circled throughout the season and especially during Weeks Zero-Three the magazines can be a great resource to go back to when there is still not enough real data on each team to go off of.

It’s Actually Just Really Fun

Without question, the final goal of #CasaPrep is to sear as much college football information into my brain as possible. I want to have a solid list of futures that I can finalize over the first couple weeks after I get back home. HOWEVA, the best part of #CasaPrep and CFB magazines in general is that you just get incredibly amped for football season. I put on a brave face for baseball season every year, I pretend to like hockey during the playoffs, and March Madness is a fun couple of weeks. But football season… it is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year. After finishing up 16 units plus a 10/1 National Championship future last season and an even higher profit the season before, this should be a really special CFB season.

To all my #prep brethren and sisteren, have a fantastic 4th of July weekend. I will be enjoying far too many High Noons, far too many grilled meats, and just the right amount of college football. I hope you join me and keep up to date on Twitter. Once I return from #CasaPrep it won’t be long until the futures blogs start dropping and I start sharing my best nuggets from #PrepSZN.

God bless you all, God bless America, and God bless college football.