We are once again on the Road to 67-0. In 2019 I famously attempted to go 67-0 making one pick for every game of the NCAA Tournament. I ended up going a profitable 37-30 including picking the winner in UVA before the tournament. In 2020 we sadly had no tournament so I couldn’t try to beat my record. In 2021, I went 36-30 (one game was canceled) for another profitable year. In 2022, I barely scraped by with a record of 34-33 (which I did by winning my final five bets of the tournament).

However, this year I feel as prepared as I have ever been. I have been watching an absurd amount of hoops since football season ended and I already have teams that I have a good feel for coming into the tournament. Here are the rules I will be using for my journey:

I will have 67 primary bets for the tournament and each game must be included in the 67 bets. I would say 97% of the bets will be picking each game ATS. However, totals and 1H plays are fair game. The only place things can get complicated is with an MLP. I am allowed to play an MLP involving two teams but that means I need an extra make-up bet in that round to keep me on track with 32 first-round picks, 16 second-round picks, etc.

I will also be giving best bets tracked with a separate record for people that don’t want to bet 67 games in March (although it’d be a lot cooler if you did).

We are starting off easy here with the First Four. Unfortunately, I don’t love any of the games for the First Four. This is going to be a survive and advance round for me to get to the Round of 64 where I already have a lot of picks that I love.

Road to 67-0: 0-0 (0%)

Best Bets: 0-0 (0%)

SEMO vs. AMCC (-3.5) o/u 158

AMCC is on a hot run of 10-3 ATS over the last few weeks. AMCC is the 3rd best 3-point shooting team in this region and SEMO is the worst. AMCC is also the best free-throw shooting team in this region which is how you cover small numbers like this in March.

Pick: 0.5u AMCC -3.5

Pitt vs. Miss State (-2.5) o/u 133.5

Mississippi State is not a team that I want to back in the tournament. Their offense is just repulsive to watch. They are by far the worst 3-point shooting team and FT shooting team in their region. Pitt is also an elite 11-4 ATS away from home this season. I think this will be a grind of a 1H and then Pitt will find ways to score and pull away in the 2H.

Pick: 0.5u Pitt +2.5, Bonus Pick: 0.5u 1H u62

FDU vs. Texas Southern (-2.5) o/u 147

Neither of these teams shoots the ball particularly well and I tend to think that these 16-seed teams have a harder time in these big venues on the big state than the 11-seeds. I think this will be a slow game with minimal offense.

Pick: 0.5u u148

Nevada vs. Arizona State (-2.5) o/u 133.5

Believe in Bobby. I like both of these coaches but I don’t want to go against Bobby Hurley here. I think ASU has been playing well and really earned its way into the tournament in the Pac-12 tournament. Meanwhile, Nevada’s MW tournament performance was pretty pathetic. Also, when in doubt, fade the Mountain West in March.

Pick: 0.5u Arizona State -2

That’s it for the First Four! Be back tomorrow with my Round of 64 preview.