Gamecock sports have not been something to brag about for quite some time. Football has been a joke, baseball has taken a step back, and our equestrian team has looked like shit to say the least (probably). Gamecock country has been gloom, but finally it felt like we were beginning to get a glimmer of hope through our men’s basketball program.

Since Frank Martin took over in 2012, he has slowly risen our basketball program from the trenches to a respectable level. Coming into this season it was fair to say that there were high hopes for the Gamecocks, and that they would be able to make the tournament for the second year in a row (still refuse to accept the bullshit outcome of last year). Chatter of us officially becoming a ‘basketball school’ were beginning to emerge, and after a 7-0 start that included beat downs of both Michigan and Syracuse, there was reason to be hopeful. But in this cruel sports world, we should all learn that happiness can never last.

About 10 days ago, The Basketball Gods decided to drop a bomb on Gamecock nation and Sindarious Thornwell, our best scorer, best rebounder and best basically everything else got suspended indefinitely. Few knew what had happened, and today news finally broke that Sid was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving with a suspended license back in May.

This news hurt. Fresh off the wounds of realizing last years 25-9 record was not good enough to make the tournament, it is obvious that the name on the front of USC’s jerseys doesn’t carry enough weight, and that every single loss is going to hurt.

Now, nobody knows how long Sid will be out, but “sources” tell me he will be back in time for conference play. If this is the case, this season can still be salvaged. If longer, last night’s game was a good showing of how the Gamecocks will fare the rest of the year, and (*spoiler*) it did not look good. Don’t get me wrong, Seton Hall is a decent team, but we should beat them, and need to beat them if we want to be considered one of the best teams in the country. Our offense was hard to watch most of the game and simply relying on PJ Dozier to be the only player that can create a shot isn’t a recipe for success. This team will need their seniors to step up during this final stretch of non-conference play. 1 of 10 shooting from Notice (in 36 minutes) won’t cut it along with Mckie continuing his inconsistent play.

I’m just going to pretend (and pray) Sid will be back for conference play and state the obvious by saying Gamecocks have to win these next four games against USF, Clemson, Lander, and Memphis. Conference play is always a struggle for the Cocks and after realizing a 15-0 non conference record can’t save a mediocre run through the SEC, we don’t want to waste this great start to the season.

After shooting up to 16 in the rankings, it’ll be sad to watch this number fall after this loss, but it is expected. Hopefully Sid learns his lesson from this because getting suspended for weed during your senior year sucks. He should listen to everyone’s dear dear friend Steven A and stay off the weeeeeed. Or at least don’t get caught, it’s not that hard, I have like 10 people who would be willing to sell you their piss.