Today is the big day. Some friends and I have been discussing starting this blog for a long time and now that we all have some free time on our hands we’ve decided to give it a shot. We’re mainly gonna be talking about sports, with some funny stories thrown in there too. Pretty much we’re just gonna be talking about whatever we find interesting. (WARNING: there’s a chance you guys might not find it that interesting.) But hopefully having a pretty diverse group of guys writing will make it so everybody can find something that they think is funny or interesting. We have writers who are Chicago, New York, Boston, Philly, and Washington sports fans, and we’ll also be covering South Carolina sports and most major sports stories. So I hope y’all enjoy. We’ll try to put up a few things a day so if you’re ever bored come by and maybe it’ll help you pass some time. Feel free to comment with things you like/dislike so we can improve to entertain as many people as possible. Welcome to 811 Sports!