That’s it! It’s over! Book the hotel rooms in Atlanta and buy the Natty tickets now because South Carolina football is BACK!  It turns out when Snoop claimed to be a USC fan for all these years, he was talking about the original USC down in Columbia, South Carolina and not those posers out in LA.  Celebrity endorsements put asses in the seats and that’s a fact.  With Nixon locking down receivers and Snoop on the sideline, I could easily see us going 15-0, maybe 13-2 worst case scenario.

But for real, huge get for Muschamp and Co. here.  247Sports has Keisean listed as the 3rd best CB in this recruiting class as he racked up 62 tackles and 11 picks in 2 years of JUCO in Arizona and was apparently a stud in Mr. Dogg’s youth football league growing up.  Hopefully he can help shore up a secondary that has looked pretty shaky over the last few seasons.  If Muschamp wants him, I #TrustTheProcess. (Did I do that right, Luke?)