Deep down all of us are degenerates in one way or another. Me on the other hand, I’m a degenerate in every form of the word. And my favorite form of degeneration by far is gambling. Too much alcohol gives you a hangover, too many drugs… well that kills you, too much tobacco gives you cancer, but sweet sweet gambling just welcomes you back with open arms every time. So, for the rest of the NFL season, including the playoffs, Luke, Feen, and I will be sharing our 5 NFL picks for the week and we’ll keep track of the standings on twitter @811sports. We’ll each have 4 regular picks and then our mortal lock of the week. The mortal lock will be worth two units, so either two wins or two losses depending on the outcome. So here we go:

Luke- Patriots (-3), Steelers (-3), Giants (-4), Colts (+4), MORTAL LOCK: Packers (-6.5)

Feen- Giants (-4), Packers (-6.5), Eagles (+6), Saints (+2.5), MORTAL LOCK: Steelers (-3)

Blake- Patriots (-3), Falcons (-14), Packers (-6.5), Lions (+4), MORTAL LOCK: Raiders (-3)

I’m so confident in my picks I even threw a parlay together with them. So ride us, fade us, it’s up to you butttt I am +6.4 units in the NFL this season (not sayin, just sayin).