The Pats made a big move today claiming Michael Floyd off waivers after being released by the Cardinals following his DUI arrest a few days ago.  With Gronk done for the season (forever? – different discussion), Floyd could be a huge addition to the Pats offense to go along with LeGarrette Blount, a banged up Martellus Bennett, and Tom Brady’s army of Wes Welker clones.  Floyd’s got a great combination of size and speed that made him a big play threat in Arizona and at 6′ 3″, he’s one of the tallest receivers the Pats have had since Randy Moss.  I think it’s too early to get our hopes up because we’ve seen good receivers come and go very quickly in New England over the years because they can’t grasp the system or don’t gel with Tom very well, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


But seriously, I did some (very minimal) research and Tom Brady has not had a productive receiver over 6 feet tall not named Randy Moss in 15 years.  The closest he’s had is Jabar Gaffney.  Insanity.