This was probably the best regular season college basketball game I’ve ever watched. High scoring, high octane offense back and forth down to the very last second. UNC jumped out to an early lead, but Malik Monk carried his team back and then it was Monk and UNC’s Justin Jackson going back and forth for the rest of the night. Monk hit a heavily contested three to take the lead in the final minute. UNC then missed the game tying 3 at the buzzer to give Kentucky a 103-100 win.

Now to the real story of the game, Malik Monk’s SAT scores may not be legit but his game IS. Monk was hitting shots from all of the court, taking it to the basket, and finishing strong. Justin Jackson was also legit but his 34 was just not enough to take down the Cayts. Kentucky looks very very good just in time for SEC play. Hopefully Sindarius Thornwell will be back to shut down Monk and the Gamecocks will win the SEC like they deserve. Because John Calapari is a cheating bitch. The Heels did do enough to get me excited for my trip to see them live against NC State in January. Fuck Kentucky. Go Heels. Cocks by 90,000.