I know I know you’re looking at the picture and thinking, “Blake, this is a sports blog why are you writing about a Swedish male model?” Well I have news for you folks, that Swedish male model is also the best goalie in the history of hockey.

The goalie/male model led the Rangers tonight with a 27 save shutout. Both teams were scoreless after two periods, but Rick Nash and Mats Zuccarello both netted a goal in the 3rd to give the Rangers a 2-0 win against the Dallas Stars.

After some Rangers fans tried to push aside Henrik after a cold streak earlier in the season, I stood by his side. My last blog about the Rangers, demanding that Henrik be put back in his place in front of the net, was obviously read by Alain Vigneault because Henrik was back tonight in peak Henrik form.

Hopefully after tonight the doubting Rangers fans will put their faith back in King Henrik. Otherwise they’ll be feeling reallll dumb when Henrik lifts the Stanley Cup right in their faces.