Last night, the New York Super Team hosted the Pacers at a packed MSG for a chance to leap up the crowded Eastern Conference standings. First of all, there is no place in the world like the Garden when the Knicks are good, and last night the Garden was rockin.

For maybe the first time since the Zen Master arrived, the coveted triangle offense actually looked how all of us Knicks fans envisioned it would when Phil Jackson arrived. D Rose, Melo, and Porzingod each scored over 20 points on a combined 50% shooting, led by 35 from Melo. D Rose was distributing the ball to a great wing and a great big man, while also creating his own shots when they were available, which is what the triangle is all about. Outside the big 3, Joakim Noah was productive with a double double and the bench shot a combined 60% from the floor. The team was also hitting from the outside with 56% shooting beyond the arc. Pretty much a perfect game.

All we were missing was Ron Baker’s collection of overweight white women.

  1. Short term, this win puts the Knicks only one game out of 3rd place in the East
  2. Long term, this looks like a Knicks team that could actually win a playoff series and that’s huge
  3. In my wildest imagination, if they can play this way consistently it looks like a team that could maybe, just maybe take on the Cavs

But for now I’ll just enjoy this win and dream of what this team could be.

We’re on to Orlando.

P.S. This man is a genius and he can say posse as much as he wants