So last night Grayson Allen decided to pull out his go to play, blatantly tripping his opponent:

This guy is such a douche.

As somebody who hates Duke I’ve hated a lot of scrappy white guys in my time. From Laettner to Battier to Reddick to Kyle Singler to the Plumlees. All of those guys were hateable because they were really good and they knew it and we knew it.

But Grayson Allen is on a whole different level.

He just seems like, and has proven that, he’s a genuinely bad person.

For anybody who doesn’t know, this is not the first time this has happened. This was last year.


Grayson also had a total meltdown after his trip.

Anybody who feels bad for Grayson, and says he has a mental issue, is an idiot. He’s just a diva who has gotten everything he asked for his entire life and so when things go wrong he lashes out.

His temper tantrum wasn’t because he regretted tripping the guy. It’s because he knew that the “perfect image” he works so hard to develop is gonna get even worse.

Bring back Sindarius and suspend this guy for twice as long instead. It’s amazing how one guy smokes a little grass and gets crucified and this psychopath is getting sympathy.

#FreeSindarius #FireGrayson #DuckFook