Christmas weekend football. The perfect excuse to get questionably drunk at your family events. Thanksgiving has always given us that great gift, but now Christmas Eve can be spent in front of the TV drinking until your mom isn’t comfortable bringing you to Mass. It’s a win win.

Here’s a little refresher on the current standings:

Feen- 5-1

Blake- 4-2

Luke: 4-2

And this weekend’s picks:

Blake: Patriots (-16.5), Redskins (-3), Falcons (-3), Jaguars (+5), MORTAL LOCK: Lions (+7)

Feen: Redskins (-3), Saints (-2), Raiders (-3), Packers (-6), MORTAL LOCK: Chargers (-4.5)

Luke: Bucs (+2), Lions (+7), Titans (-5), Packers (-6), MORTAL LOCK: Skins (-3)