So last night Brandon Marshall made an appearance on Showtime’s Inside The NFL. When asked about how the Jets season went, Brandon said “The best way I can describe it is, having a diaper on and never changing it. And just sitting in that diaper the whole year.”

Well Brandon, let’s discuss. You’re not wrong about how shitty (get it lol) this season was, butttt your one season of misery does not REMOTELY compare to the size of the dumps that have been in Jets fans’ diapers for years.

Let’s check the stats:

Brandon Marshall’s tenure with the Jets

  • 2015- 10-6
  • 2016- 5-11

My tenure with the Jets (since I really knew what was going on).And I included my birth year because of course this happened in my birth year:

  • 1996- 1-15 (hot start)
  • 2005- 4-12
  • 2006- 10-6
  • 2007- 4-12
  • 2008- 9-7
  • 2009- 9-7
  • 2010- 11-5 (the greatest season of all time)
  • 2011- 8-8
  • 2012- 6-10
  • 2013- 8-8
  • 2014- 4-12
  • 2015- 10-6
  • 2016- 5-11
  • Total: 89-119 (42%)

A classic Jeff Fisher 7-9 season is a higher win percentage than that.

So quit bitching Brandon. I, and my predecessors of Jets misery, have been through SO MUCH PAIN. The fact that after one bad season ever as a Jet you pull out this diaper metaphor is an abomination and blatant disrespect to your fan base.

But, once again, I can’t really blame you because nobody deserves to go through the pain of being a part of this organization as a coach, player, or fan.

So, as we do every year, those of us that hate to love the Jets will spend another offseason praying to God somebody changes our diapers.