So, last night was a night full of roses:

  1. Derrick Rose led the Knicks to their 5th straight loss
  2. The Rose Bowl was one of the best college football games I’ve seen in a long time
  3. The Bachelor was back in a big way and a black chick got a first impression rose for the first time ever

Derrick Rose:


Derrick Rose once again looked like the Knicks most competent player which (no offense) is the reason they continue to lose. Porzingis didn’t play and outside Melo the whole rest of the team sucked. The Knicks suck, New York sports suck, I suck, everything sucks. But I digress. On to Milwaukee.

The Rose Bowl:


Penn State and Southern Cal went to battle for the Rose Bowl, which in my opinion is the only bowl with any significance outside the playoffs. The tradition and pageantry of the Rose Bowl will just always be awesome even if teams aren’t playing for a championship.

So there are a few major story lines from the Rose Bowl:

  • USC won the game 52-49 on the foot of a guy who had sucked all game and really all season, another win for white guys
  • Despite the loss, Penn State convinced a lot of people that they really did belong in the CFP over Ohio State, which I already believed
  •  As for the reputation of Penn State’s program- a lot of people still, understandably, hate Penn State for the whole Sandusky scandal and I personally hated Penn State for  a while. But this game convinced me to try to move on. Nothing can ever wash away the shitty, shitty things that happened inside that program, but none of the current personnel or players at PSU had anything to do with that. With this amount of young talent they will be at the forefront of college football for a while, so love em or hate em, get used to it
  • The Rose Bowl still has the coolest atmosphere of any football stadium in the country
  • I nailed PSU +7.5 with the SC money line (not to brag)

Finally, The Bachelor:


Here are my key pick ups from last night’s episode:

  • Nick just kinda sucks in general. Not as much of a douche as he’s made out to be, but just isn’t interesting at all
  • It’s only my third season but still, this is by far the ugliest crew I’ve seen besides a select few (Sup, Vanessa)
  • Josepine got Nick to Lady and the Trump an uncooked hot dog that she stored in a book (it looked almost as absurd as it sounds typed out)
  • Nick apparently banged a chick that’s on the show at a wedding 3 months ago, which is a savage move. If I went on the Bachelor I would tell ABC to EXCLUSIVELY get girls that I’ve banged before. Just girls fighting over who my dick game was more average with. That would also make for quite the short season of the Bachelor
  • Let’s address the elephant in the room- this is by far the most black chicks that have ever been on the Bachelor. ABC has always gotten heat for the cookie cutter blonde chicks so they had to mix it up this year. Or did they? After Nick gave the first impression rose to Rachel (black chick) it seems Nick may actually have a thing for the dark chocolate. Maybe he requested ABC to add more black girls than normal. (not sayin, just sayin)
  • Corrine (white slutty blonde chick) was PISSED that ABC cut out the persecuted class of white blonde women and decided to act out by kissing Nick within 5 minutes of meeting him. She is gonna be the psychopath/drunk girl/slut of the show and let me tell ya folks, I dig it. Can’t wait for more from ya girl
  • And as always the preview for the rest of the season was incredible. Drunk sex, drunk tears, drunk stripping in front of the whole house, drunk arguments, drunk drinking, and some sobriety

Sums it up pretty well.