Well, last night the Mets bashed seven homers including three from Yo. The average Mets fan would enjoy that win. The average baseball fan would absolutely love that win. But those Mets fans that have been through this time and again only saw one thing last night: the 2016 Mets.

Last year’s team was a good baseball team, but never had a chance to win a World Series (even if Connor Gillespie wouldn’t have sold his soul to the devil for that home run). And this is the exact type of game last year’s Mets team would have had.

  1. A good outing from one of their aces, in this case Matt Harvey
  2. A seemingly “huge” offensive night, but was actually just home runs
  3. Random guys like Duda and Asdrubal getting lucky on a pitch
  4. Yo being Yo hitting bombs while smoking heaters on horseback

Mets Horsin Around Baseball

God damn that man is beautiful.

Back to my point. The Mets 14 runs seems great, but that 14 runs came off of only 20 hits. That type of offense is not sustainable. So, we can all enjoy this Mets win for now but this offense needs to be able to string together base hits if they’re going to make a World Series run. Still 154 games left to figure it out.

Also, so many #relatable tweets on the Tweeter last night!

Ohhhh now I get what’s going on in the sports! Thanks future Bleacher Report employees!