Just two short days ago Sindarius Thornwell penned a three year $3.8 million deal with the Clippers. His whole life’s work finally paid off by signing a multi million dollar NBA deal.

Fast forward to tonight.

Sindarius was just minding his own business on his way to a party when his unhappy girlfriend chased him down at 60 mph and got pulled over for speeding. Not only did she get pulled over, but the whole Live PD crew was there to catch it all. Sin decided to pull over with his girl to make sure everything was alright and it led to a great conversation with this old white cop. The cop asked, “you look familiar do I know you from somewhere? Where do you work?” Sindarius replied that he didn’t have a job, as he leaned on his brand new Porsche in his Los Angeles Clippers shirt (the same one he was wearing when he signed his contract 48 hours ago).

What did Sindarius have to say about the situation?

Indeed it did Sin, indeed it did.