What a national treasure.

I was ecstatic when I heard Fox was putting Keith in the studio with the national crew for the postseason. Us Mets fans have been listening to Keith’s stories on SNY for years, but now he is sharing his nuggets on national TV. Keith, The Big Hurt, A Rod, and Big Papi have been electric covering the postseason games so far.

Also, I like to take every opportunity possible to express that, as a Mets fan, I would’ve given anything to be alive for the ’86 Mets team. Not just because they won a World Series, but because they might’ve partied more than any team in sports history and they were not shy about it. Keith smoking two full packs of cigs in the dugout is probably one of the more acceptable things that took place during that game.

If modern day baseball players all acted like the ’86 Mets it would be the most popular sport in America. Imagine Aaron Judge sticking a dart between his two front teeth and shredding a pack of smokes in the dugout. It would almost make me like him.

S/O to the only man in sports brave enough to uphold these great traditions in sports.

smoking cutler