New York Daily News– “Life for a Jets fan is an unending torment,” Martin wrote. “Last week the refs gave the Pats a win over Gang Green with a bull— reversal of a touchdown, one of the worst calls in the history of the NFL. “This week the Jets did it to themselves, blowing a two-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter to lose to the Fins. Total choke job.”

Martin, like most Jets fans, is frustrated with the direction the team is currently headed. What once seemed like a guaranteed “tanking” season to secure a top pick in the draft is now looking like another 6-to-7-win campaign, which would prevent the Jets from drafting a top quarterback prospect like UCLA’s Josh Rosen or USC’s Sam Darnold or a top running back such as Penn State’s Saquon Barkley.

“Josh McCown finished the choke with a horrible INT with seconds left. He’s a decent quarterback, but he’s not the answer. He’s too old to be the future,” Martin wrote. “He’s Fitzmagic the Second. The Jets need to bench him and play Petty and Hack to see if one of those might offer hope.”

As the man behind Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin may have the greatest brain on this planet. However, it does not take the greatest brain on the planet to know the Jets are a joke. I’m a fucking idiot and I am very much aware of how trash this organization is. George R.R. Martin came up with the greatest plot of any story ever and not even he could invent some of the things the Jets have done. As far as the crazy factor goes:

The Mangenius days>Ned Stark being killed

The butt fumble>Theon getting his dick cut off

Everything Rex Ryan ever said>Everything Joffrey ever said

Every Jets draft pick ever>The Red Wedding

Oh and the Night King is our next quarterback according to Bleacher Report, Fansided, Uproxx, the Ringer, and every “hip” sports reporter with a blue check mark.

night king jets

Shame on the New York Jets for forcing one of the greatest authors of our generation to write a bullshit blog like an idiot (only nerds blog) just to trash their franchise. Maybe while Woody is over in England George R.R. Martin can step in and take over the team. He has stupid money and definitely has a better plan than anyone in that front office.