But! They did beat the Cavs tonight and that’s always something to celebrate. Also, the Cavs might actually stink. When the 71 million dollar man Tim Hardaway Jr. drops a 34-piece on you it’s time to look in the mirror and contemplate where your season is headed before it’s too late.

I know we’ve heard this narrative with Lebron led teams before and they will most likely still coast to the Finals for the 35th time in a row, but the Cavs defense really is atrocious. When Jarret Jack is carving up your defense dropping dimes to THJ there needs to be some sort of change. The world may soon realize that Ty Lue doesn’t know how to coach basketball and has just been letting Lebron do whatever he wants for the past couple years (which is not a bad strategy at all).

Other takeaways from the game: Enes Kanter is playing up to the skill level his mustache deserves for now and in case anyone needs reminding Kristaps Porzingis is one of the most incredible players to bless the NBA in years and can do things no 7’3 man should be able to.

Now let’s see if we can ride this FLAMING HOT two game win streak into this BIG matchup with the Nuggets.

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