PFT- The Jets might or might not be the favorites for Le’Veon Bell‘s landing spot, but they definitely are interested and will come out of free agency with a running back. Connor Hughes of reports that the Jets have competition for Bell’s services from the Eagles and the Buccaneers. One agent well versed in the running back market told Hughes the Jets are “undeniably the favorite.” If the Jets fail to land Bell, they will turn to Falcons running back Tevin Coleman, according to Hughes. The writer wrote that the Jets intend to land one of the big-name running backs when the dust settles.

Wow! As a Jets fan, this couldn’t be more exciting news! We are maybe the favorites to sign Le’Veon Bell, but if we don’t get him then we will definitely attempt to get a different running back, maybe Tevin Coleman! These are the type of groundbreaking reports that make me love being a Jets fan. No other team in the league can just laser in on their guy and draw him in with their winning culture like the New York football Jets. I was pretty uncertain about whether the Jets had a shot at Le’Veon or if I even wanted them to break the bank to pay the guy, but reading this report has made up my mind for me! How could the complete definites in this report not just get you all in on Le’Veon Bell and the future of the Jets?

The best part, you ask? Even if that seemingly .00001% chance occurs and the Jets don’t get Le’Veon Bell, they will MAYBE get TEVIN FUCKING COLEMAN! That might actually be an upgrade! I mean if you look at their 2018 stats it’s not even a debate:

I mean let’s be real! People are laughing at that Le’Veon or Tevin headline, and trust me, I was at first too. But I think it’s time we really start to look at the numbers here. Which guy would you rather have?

In other news, I’m cooking dinner for girlfriend tonight and was hoping to get some advice from you guys because I’m really trying to impress her. I’m trying to get her into whiskey, should I get a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle or Evan Williams? Should I get some fresh ground beef from the butcher shop or just go hamburger helper? Milanos or Chips Ahoy for dessert? Should we watch Always Sunny or Young Sheldon?

Thanks in advance everyone! I need all the help I can get!