It’s gonna happen. Kyler Murray is going to go #1 overall in the NFL Draft. It is INSANE what we’ve gone through over the last two months. The timeline:

12/29/18- Oklahoma loses to Alabama in the CFP semifinals

1/9/19- The A’s announced they expect Kyler to go to the NFL Draft

1/10/19- An old clip of Kliff Kingsbury resurfaces saying he would take Kyler #1 overall

1/13/19- Kyler demands $15 million from the A’s or he will declare for the Draft

1/14/19- Kyler declares for the draft

-Kyler does a bunch of awkward interviews and everybody thinks he’s a weirdo

2/11/19- Kyler officially chooses football over baseball

-There is a discussion about whether or not Kyler is a “first round talent”

-We are unsure if Kyler is tall enough to ride a rollercoaster, let alone be an NFL quarterback

-Is Kyler a Top 10 talent?


-BUT his hands are like Uncle Jack’s from Always Sunny

2/19/19- Kyler is now the second favorite to go #1 overall at +300

FINALLY, today- Kyler is now the betting favorite to go #1 overall at -200

(That is the most exhausting thing I have ever done. That’s the most research I have ever put into a blog. Credit to me. Sorry. Back to the blog.)

Josh Rosen was obviously a disappointment last season, but the Cardinals STUNK and were starting a bunch of Goodwill linemen. Rosen was easily the worst of the Darnold, Baker, Allen, Jackson, Rosen crew from last year’s class but I don’t know how you can just call him a bust after one year with that roster. But Kliff Kingsbury has come into Arizona with his own plans and it seems like he really wants to build his new team around Kyler. Honestly, if they can get another first round pick for Rosen, take Kyler at 1 and then fill another hole then I don’t hate it. But I do feel kind of bad for Josh Rosen. He is so unloved.

It’s looking like possible landing spots for Josh Rosen are Washington, New York (Giants), New England (yuck), but it is really a mystery at this point. All I know is when you follow the money you are right more often then you’re wrong, and in this case, the money leads you right to Kyler Murray. This is the same shit that happened with the Heisman, where Tua was the heavy favorite all season until all the sudden Heisman week came around and Kyler slid in as the favorite, then took the trophy home. I think the same will happen here. I’d lay that -200 number now because I think Josh Rosen trade talks may heat up and that will move the number even lower.