The only way to properly rate each bowl game is by the title sponsor. One of the best parts of Bowl SZN is trying to figure out what in the hell each one of these companies does or if they are even real. I mean, literally… are they even real?

In 2019 the New Mexico Bowl had to drop their title sponsor “DreamHouse Productions” when it turned out they weren’t a real company at all. Classic.

I separated the rankings into six tiers from non-spon to elite, there will be no arguments.

Tier 6: Non-Spon

#44. Frisco Football Classic: This bowl game was added late to accommodate all of the bowl-eligible teams so they have no sponsor. To be honest, I actually love the name Frisco Football Classic, but unfortunately, this is a sponsorship ranking so the FFC comes in last.

Tier 5: Shitty

This tier is full of finance companies and companies that nobody’s ever heard of. Snooze fests.

#43. Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl pres. by Stifel: An investment banking company naming a bowl after Jimmy Kimmel?? Yuck. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea but buddy,,, this name STINKS.

#42. Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl: Corruption at its best.

#41. PUBG Mobile New Mexico Bowl: I’ve never played PUBG but all I know is that people that talk about it online, for the most part, all suck ass.

#40-#36. Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl, SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl, Tailgreeter Cure Bowl, Military Bowl pres. by Peraton, R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Literally what do any of these companies do? Any of these could easily be Ponzi schemes.

#35. Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl: RIP to the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl. From a perennial top-3 bowl name to the shitty tier. What a fall from grace.

Tier 4: The TaxAct Tier

#34-#32. TaxAct Camellia Bowl, TaxAct Texas Bowl, Myrtle Beach Bowl pres. by TaxAct: How is this allowed?? You can’t sponsor three different bowl games. That should be insider trading or double jeopardy or something. Find two different sponsors! #NotMyBowlSZN

Tier 3: Meh

This tier is mostly household brand names that aren’t interesting but don’t bother me. Just there for the money.

#31. Guaranteed Rate Bowl: This one just missed out on shit tier but having an MLB stadium gets you a slight amount of respect.

#30. TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl

#29. QuickLane Bowl

#28. LendingTree Bowl

#27. Valero Alamo Bowl: I have nothing to say on these last four which is why they are in the meh tier. Just meh.

#26. Rose Bowl pres. by Capital One Venture X: This one is tragic. The granddaddy of them all. Probably the best bowl game there is and their sponsor is Capital One Venture X? What is that, a credit card for midwest moms that gets you Kohl’s Cash with every purchase? Sad. Just sad.

#25. AutoZone Liberty Bowl

#24. National Championship Game pres. by AT&T

#23. EasyPost Hawaii Bowl: I don’t know what EasyPost is but I kind of like the name and I love the Hawaii Bowl.

#22. Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl

#21. Goodyear Cotton Bowl

#20. TransPerfect Music City Bowl: I had to google this one to make sure I wouldn’t get cancelled but it’s not what you think. I’m ranking it in the top-20 just in case though.

#19. VRBO Citrus Bowl

#18. Allstate Sugar Bowl– 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25 are all just household names slapped on there for promotional effect. Not good. Not bad. But now we’re moving to the good ones.

Tier 2: Actually Good

These ones are actually good.

#17. SERVPRO First Responder Bowl- I like that SERVPRO is in all caps. Also S/O to the first responders. We love you.

#16. Boca Raton Bowl- Something about putting the URL in the sponsorship name vs just being the Roof Claim Bowl takes you to the next level. Just really good stuff.

#15. TaxSlayer Gator Bowl- TaxSlayer is just a cool name. No other way around it. And it complements the Gator Bowl really well.

#14. Cricket Celebration Bowl- SHOUTOUT CRICKET WIRELESS! YOU MADE IT! Also, the name of this bowl just makes it sound like you’re celebrating crickets which is awesome.

#13. Bahamas Bowl- This bowl game is sponsored by a whole country. You gotta respect it. Shoutout to Senor Frogs in Nassau.

#12. New Era Pinstripe Bowl- New Era is just an unquestionably cool brand.

#11. San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl- When your name is this preposterously long you leave me no choice but to respect it. It surpasses boring and goes into amazing.

#10. Wasabi Fenway Bowl- This one was very confusing. I said to myself, “is wasabi, or Japanese horseradish, a plant of the family Brassicaceae, which also includes horseradish and mustard in other genera, sponsoring a bowl game?? Who even owns Big Wasabi??” But a quick google search told me this is a cloud storage company??? Regardless, it sounds awesome. Welcome to the top-10, Wasabi Fenway Bowl.

#9. PlayStation Fiesta Bowl- This is another brand name generically stuck on a bowl but I think the whole name really works together. Unfortunately, I’m an Xbox guy otherwise this could be top tier.

Tier 1: GOD TIER

#8. Outback Bowl- This has a lot going for it. I love when the sponsor IS the name of the bowl. Also, the Outback Bowl does an incredible marketing job every year with their Bloomin’ Onion mascot. Finally, Outback Steakhouse is just delightful. No slander will be tolerated.

#7. Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl- I love Trop Smooth. I think it’s one of the most underrated chains in the world. The smoothies are legitimately delicious and the food is actually really good.

#6. Capital One Orange Bowl- For some reason Capital One fits the Orange Bowl PERFECTLY. Capital One also just screams bowl season aka Christmas season. It makes me feel in the spirit.

#5. Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl- Elite food. Elite name for a bowl game (Peach). Elite combo. Southern culture personified. Give it to me every day of the week (except Sunday).

#4. Cheez-It Bowl- Maybe I’m biased because the TCU/Cal Cheez-It Bowl was one of the best football games in the history of the sport but this is just perfect. It’s just the sponsor name as the bowl name which is a huge plus and Cheez-Its might be the most dependable snack on the planet.

#3. Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl- Making this the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl instead of the Frosted Flakes Sun Bowl was a phenomenal marketing decision. This is so much better. One could even call it,,, grrrrrrrrrreat! (I’ll see myself out)

#2. Duke’s Mayo Bowl- Oh yeah, baby. Not only an elite bowl name but they are also the best social media/marketing team of any bowl these days. And this year I’m lucky enough to have my Gamecocks playing in this game. Send me some mayo please, boys.

#1. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl- You can’t beat it. Look at how glorious this is.

This game also gets played on the blue turf in Boise which is a huge plus. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a french fry bath at the end of the game…

Ohio players gave Frank Solich french fry bath after Potato Bowl win

Iconic picture of Frank Solich.

That’s it for the Bowl Sponsor rankings! I’ll also be giving out at least one bet for every single bowl game this year. We are going to try for a huge number in Bowl SZN. Those previews should be out soon because Bowl SZN is soon approaching. The most wonderful time of the year.