Madison Square Garden: the basketball Mecca, home to the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Liberty, and countless concerts and performances. Whether it’s the NBA’s newest super team, some good ole fashioned WNBA action, the Rangers on the ice, or Frozen on Ice, there’s always something going on at the Garden so I’ve decided to do a daily review of everything that happened at the Garden that night (plus Knicks and Rangers away games).

So, at the Garden tonight the Antti Raanta led Rangers hosted the Blackhawks. Since taking over for King Henrik, Raanta had gone 3-0 with 2 shutouts and people were talking about putting him in the Hall of Fame (I can think of a certain Philadelphia QB that started 3-0 and was given his spot in the history books too, only to fall on his face) (Sorry Luke). So when the Blackhawks came into town I wasn’t too confident in the boys in blue. Consequently, Raanta ended up giving up 2 goals and the Rangers took a 2-1 loss. So it’s time to either trust the process and trade away Henrik, Sam Bradford style and ride Antti. Orrrrr do the only thing that makes sense and say thanks for those 3 wins and put that Swedish god back in goal.

On the opposite coast the Knicks were in Phoenix coming off a big win against the Lakeshow (Ts & Ps Magic Johnson). The Superteam took a tough OT loss after actually pulling off the missed free throw, offensive rebound play. But the big story in the game was not on the scoreboard. It came when some random bum named Marquese Chriss went after the fucking KING of New York.

Now I could talk about how the Knicks are actually starting to look like a good basketball team. I could talk about how there’s a 7’3 Latvian god that is raining 3’s and dropping 30 racks all over the place. I could talk about the fact that a Tyson Chandler technical finally benefited the Knicks. I could even talk about the fact that Phil Jackson and his posse are taking over the NBA. But that’s really not why we’re here. I’m here to talk about the blatant disrespect that some rookie showed the King. The Unicorn not only proved that he has the most basketball skill I’ve seen since Dr. James Naismith himself first flushed one in a peach basket in that YMCA in Massachusetts, but that he also doesn’t take shit from anybody. This clown thought he could assert his dominance over KP by taking him to the ground early in the game. But Kristaps and his sidekick Brandon Jennings went at this kid’s NECK and showed him and the rest of the NBA that this team is a combination of the Showtime Lakers and the Bad Boys Pistons. Watch out league, he’s coming for your trophy. And your bitch.