Opening lines are already out!! The most wonderful time of the betting year is upon us and I am already excited to get some bets in. These lines will be more shaped over the next couple days but you can try to leap on some good lines early if you can. I will be putting out previews for each region before the games start Thursday and a quick First Four preview tomorrow, but I just wanted to tease some thoughts because I’m so god damn excited to lose all of my money.

Of these lines, I love VCU against UCF. Tacko Fall is one of my favorite humans ever, but in those 8/9 matchups you can actually get some great value and I think VCU is the better team. They’re going to defend like crazy (#HAVOC) and come out on top.

From these lines, I like ODU +13.5. They’re coming off their conference tournament win and have had some miracle wins to get this far. They seem like a team of destiny and they’re going to have a shot to win this game.

UC- Irvine at +8.5 is maybe my favorite play of the whole first round. I think they can be K State outright, especially if Dean Wade doesn’t play for K State. This is one you might want to take now because once Dean Wade is officially out the line might sharpen up.

Jim Boeheim in March. Syracuse just doesn’t lose in the first round (don’t fact check that). Cuse is going to get the win and move on to the second round, so pull the trigger there.

Futures odds have also been updated since the bracket came out:

I have a few different futures riding into the tournament. Tennessee is probably the best value I have and I’ll be praying the Vawls come through for me. If you have any questions about how to hedge or if you should hedge your Championship futures I’m always available to help. If I was to recommend one future to take right now it would be Florida State. You still have some value at 30/1 and I think they have a chance to make a run to the Final Four, but for the most part, there isn’t any value left as far as futures go. If you really like a team just go for an open parlay on their ML.

That’s all I have for you right now but I’ll have a lot more thoughts going forward and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be betting every single game so I will have more picks than your wallet can handle. Let’s make this an incredible March.