An investigation.

After it was clear Drew Brees was going to miss at least a week due to an injury to his ribs, it looked like the stars had aligned for Jameis Winston to return to our televisions this Sunday, until…

What an insane move from Sean Payton. The Saints signed Jameis Winston in the offseason for what seemed like this exact reason… in case Drew Brees got injured because Taysom Hill is a specialist, not a real quarterback. I mean let’s take a look at Taysom in passing situations…

YUCK! Jameis Winston is a QB that some people thought should have been signed as a starter last offseason and this seemed like the perfect chance to play him after learning under Drew Brees and learning the offense for 10 weeks. But… Sean Payton’s weird man crush on Taysom Hill overpowers the logical decision.

BUT, the question remains, is this just a man crush… or is there something more sinister here? These are the two top possibilities from my perspective:

  1. Taysom Hill has blackmail on Sean Payton

This one seems the most obvious. Sean Payton has been known to get after it once in a while, to be fair.

There was this incident where Junior Galette *allegedly* took over his girlfriend’s Twitter and tweeted about Sean Payton showing up drunk to meetings and abusing molly and prescription pills. Yikes.

This classic photo:

Finally, we have this all-time TMZ headline…

While on his season-long suspension for Bounty-Gate that “coincidentally” coincided with him going through a divorce, Sean Payton was in the Bahamas with a hot blonde just getting down on the dance floor at Atlantis.

So, it’s not exactly a secret that Sean Payton might not be the cleanest guy in the world. So whether it has to do with drugs, alcohol, or women, Taysom Hill could have some blackmail on Sean Payton.

2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is funding the Saints Organization and/or Sean Payton personally

The Church of Latter-day Saints funding… the Saints? This one almost seems too obvious to me. For those that aren’t aware, Taysom Hill is a proud Mormon- he attended BYU, did his mission trip before starting his football career, and is seemingly all about the Mormon Church. For those again not aware, the Mormon Church is not only secretive, but also very wealthy and very powerful. They almost got a Mormon in the White House with Mitt Romney and there are countless Mormons at the top of the sports and entertainment world from Steve Young, to Danny Ainge, to Ken Jennings, to Andy Reid! That’s right, Big Red, Andy Reid is a Mormon. There are also many CEOs and powerful people in the business and finance world that are members of the Mormon Church. So despite having only a small population of practitioners, the Mormon Church has an insane amount of power and influence. Here is a recent headline proving that fact:

That’s right. The LDS Church has its own investment fund exclusively for Mormons that owns $37.8 billion in stock. That’s insane!!! If you don’t think they could sliver 1% of that off to donate to the ‘Sean Payton Molly Fund’ or the ‘Let’s Get a New Jumbotron on the Superdome Organization’ in exchange for a few extra snaps for their golden boy, then you are sadly mistaken. Personally, as a massive Jameis Winston fan, I am just concerned that there might not be a level playing field when it comes to being the interim-starting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints.

I hope I’m wrong, I really do.