As the wise John Rothstein once said… this is March. It is one of the most glorious gambling periods of the year with conference tourney week rolling into the Madness. Unfortunately, my brain has been mush for the last three weeks. It is hard to describe the amount of time I put into handicapping football from August-February on top of my real job. I am in desperate need of a vacation and luckily I am getting one (although very brief) right before the tournament starts.

However, as I started to gear up and prepare myself for the gambling grind that is the NCAA Tournament, I realized I never even fully recapped the football season. I semi-recapped the CFB season and gave out my 2023-24 futures here, but it is my job as a member of gambling Twitter to tout my record. Admittedly, the NFL postseason didn’t go how I hoped it would which is a serious kick in the dick for someone that prides themselves on winning the big games. I dominated the CFB Playoff two years in a row, won big on the Benagals +5.5 in last year’s Super Bowl but simply got too cute in this year’s Super Bowl. I lost my massive bet on Patrick Mahomes not being able to reach 200 passing yards, but in retrospect… that’s what I deserve for my cutesy pick.

Despite the bad taste that the NFL postseason has left, it was my best football season to date when you combine the record from the NFL and NCAAF.

2022-23 NFL Record: 143-96-3 (59.8%) +44.62u

2022-23 NCAAF Record: 203-153-3 (57%) +43.26u

2022-23 Combined Football Record: 346-249-6 (58.1%) +87.88u

Going into the year, you’d have to take those numbers if they were offered to you. Pretty tidy return and I am incredibly happy. The only thing I am not happy with is my content output. It’s hard to balance trying to be a #content guy while also having a real job in addition to everything else life throws at you. I managed to churn out a solid CFB preview every week and was posting an NFL game preview every week on Action which was an awesome opportunity that I got. However, I know I am capable of more.

I have been publicly putting out gambling picks on the internet since 2016. Here we are in 2023, and I am very happy with the small but great online community I have curated. People love to take the low-hanging fruit of how awful Twitter and social media is (and it definitely is in a lot of circles) but I have curated my Twitter experience to be a really good one 98% of the time. I have DM’ed with a lot of you reading this, been sent beers in the mail by someone who made money tailing my picks, gotten tips on Venmo (@BlakeKrass if you’re interested), and generally just met some really cool people.

Because of all of that, I plan on taking things to the next level in 2023. I am going to be churning out my normal previews on this site for March Madness and then diving into baseball season. However, around the late-July, early-August mark I am going to start rolling out some new content plans for the 2023 football season that I am really excited about. I already have some ideas in mind and hope to expand on those ideas even more before launch.

For now, I plan on trying to churn out a lot more blogs from March Madness previews to daily MLB previews to random stories that I want to talk about. I hope you guys stick around to read those and be a part of all of the big plans I have heading into 2023. Thanks again to everyone that has supported all season and let’s have a fun March.

-B. Locks